What is TrackBack

TrackBack is a decentralised application, that combines the power of IoT, blockchain and smart contracts to provide a complete, immutable and automated product traceability solution.

We do this in a way that allows supply chain members to use us as a technology partner; merging their industry expertise with our tech savvy to radically improve supply chain efficiency, fairness and visibility.

How does it work?

At the beginning of a products’ life, the supplier will attach a unique NFC chip or QR code to the product. This will then continue to record events in the product’s journey on the blockchain.

The events relate to the individual product – ensuring they capture whatever is necessary to ensure customer peace of mind around authenticity, quality and safety. The end customer can view the entire journey by accessing their unique product code on our dApp.

Supply journey

Technology stack

Our ecosystem maximises the use of decentralised technology, to provide secure, scalable and easily integratable components

dApp layer

B2C dApps
B2B dApps
Customer system integration

IOT layer

Device management
Reporting services
Geospatial services
Data lake

Core Services layer

Identity and access mgmt
Payment and ledger system
Token management

Blockchain layer

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